Original Ninebot MAX G30 Replacement Front / Rear Tyre

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OEM Original Ninebot MAX G30 KickScooter Electric Scooter 10 Inch 60/70-6.5 Front and Rear Tyre Wheel Tire Parts

  • What size is the Ninebot Max G30 Tyre?

    The size is: 10 Inch 60/70-6.5

  • What is the correct tyre pressure for the Ninebot Max G30?

    Ninebot recommends the tyre pressure should be between 32 and 37psi

The tubeless pneumatic tyres are fantastic and far superior to regular tyres. These tyres have no inner tube in the tyre and are filled with normal air between 32 and 37 psi. They are heavy-duty, puncture-resistant and deliver high-performance in any weather.

The key benefit to the tyres are the puncture prevention layer. This is designed so that in the event of a small penetration puncture, the slime layer will create a seal around the object preventing an immediate flat tyre, hopefully giving you enough time to get back home or to a repair shop.

Another benefit to tubeless pneumatic tyres is the ride quality. The tyres on this Segway scooter deliver a really comfy ride even on tough terrain. They also have a lower rolling coefficient, so they increase range and provide greater efficiency overall.

  • How to change Ninebot Max G30 Tyre?
  1. Place the new tyre in hot water. 
  2. Remove the old or damaged tyre.
  3. Ensure the wheel trim is clean and damage free.
  4. While the new tyre is still  pliable, using tyre levers or screwdrivers place the tyre in place and force it on. 


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