Ninebot MAX G30 Electric Scooter by Segway

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Ninebot Max G30

The Ninebot Max G30 at a glance

With a class-leading 40 mile maximum electric range and 15.5 mph top speed, the Ninebot MAX G30 from Segway-Ninebot delivers the ultimate e-scooter experience. You can conquer any urban terrain thanks to the 20% climb angle and tubeless pneumatic tyres and there’s IPX5 water resistance so you can ride in any weather.

The substantial 350w rear motor is backed by a muscular powder-coated frame that’s designed to last. A real sense of durability runs through the Ninebot MAX G30 with a maturity and comfort other e-scooters can’t match. This Segway Scooter makes mincemeat of urban commutes and last-mile deliveries.  

Key scooter features:

  • 40 mile max range (longest in class)
  • 15.5 mph top speed
  • 3 speed modes
  • 6 hour charge time
  • Integrated 3A charger (no power brick)
  • 20% climbing angle
  • Comfy ride quality
  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres
  • Double brake system
  • LED lights
  • In-built Fast Charging
  • Segway-Ninebot companion app

Who is the Max G30 for?

This electric scooter is best for commuting and last mile deliveries with riders who want a comfortable and powerful riding experience. The pneumatic tyres and 3 speed modes make short work of poor terrain and hill climbs. It isn’t the lightest scooter, but this only adds to the ride quality, and in return you get a massive 551Wh battery with a 40 mile range. When you need to go further, this e-scooter delivers.

The Need for Speed - How Fast is the Ninebot Max G30

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a top speed of 15.5 mph. This is the legal limit in the United Kingdom. It accelerates from 2-15mph in around 5 seconds and it feels rapid on full throttle with the ability to beat most other scooters.  

There are Eco, Drive and Sport speed modes available. These change the power output from the motor to preserve battery life or increase performance. The various speed modes are cyclable by double tapping a push button below the LED display. To get going, you only need to kick push this Ninebot scooter to 2mph and initiate the throttle.

Extended Range

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a huge 551Wh (15300mAh) battery which is good for up to 40 miles of range in Eco mode. Sport mode boasts a maximum range of around 18 miles, which is plenty for commuting in the city and last mile deliveries.

As with all electric scooters, things like hills and user weight will affect the range of the Segway-Ninebot Ninebot MAX G30. Most users achieve within 10% of the claimed range with normal use and this applies to commuting and recreational use. This makes it the best electric scooter if you need something that’ll last on your journeys.

Hills? No Problem for the Max G30

In Sport mode, the Ninebot MAX G30 breezes up hills with ease. It’s rated for inclines up to 20% in Sport mode and manages 10% inclines in Drive mode. If you see a hill, just double tap the control button to enter Sport mode. Easy.

While some electric scooters struggle with hill climbs because they have puny motors, the 350w electric motor in this Segway scooter is more than up to the task. It’s ideal for hilly places and commuting in areas with mixed terrain.


Fantastic Handling

Thanks to its strong deck and responsive steering, the Segway-Ninebot MAX G30 is an awesome scooter to ride in narrow areas. It has a short turning circle and remains steady during cornering without the need to use your feet for stability.  

Another factor that makes this Ninebot scooter such a good handler is it has rear-wheel drive. This balances the weight of the scooter better in use because you stand forwards, the battery is in the middle and the electric motor is at the rear.

Ride Rough Paths  

The Ninebot MAX G30 takes gravelled and cobbled terrain in its stride. You can safely and comfortably take it from path to uneven surfaces thanks to tubeless pneumatic tyres which soak up bumps beautifully to leave you jitter-free.

This is no pedigree off-roader, but it is a capable cross-roader. It seamlessly transitions from dirt track to pavement without any issue. This makes the MAX G30 a fantastic commuting and delivery tool wherever you need to go.

Full Coloured Info Dashboard Display

The LED dashboard display puts all important information between the handlebars. It displays remaining power and charge level. It also displays what riding mode you’re in and you can toggle drive modes by double-tapping the switch button.

This is an image of Ninebot MAX G30 Dashboard Display

The display is easy to see outdoors even in bright sunlight. Should you hop off your scooter you can also check the battery level on your smartphone using the Segway-Ninebot companion app which lets you change the speed readout from km/h to mph, check the battery level, and lock and unlock your electric scooter.

Integrated Features

The Ninebot MAX G30 comes with all the bells and whistles you want including cruise control, a locking mechanism in the motor wheel, a pedestrian mode which limits your e-scooter to 3.5 mph and an integrated LED rear light.

Other integrated features include a twist bell, a front light and a parking stand. Another important feature is the integrated Fast Charger. This means the scooter has an integrated fast charge module. All you need to do is hook up the cable to a 3-pin socket.

Durable and Made to Last

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a powder-coated aluminium frame and a powder-coated stainless steel metal release latch. The head and body is metal with ABS components. The handlebars are made from rubber for outstanding grip.

This is a close up image of a Ninebot Max G30 folded in half  by kickmotion

Thanks to its one-push folding frame, it’s easy to dismantle the G30 and you can take it anywhere thanks to the IPX5 water resistance rating. The heavy-duty frame and high-quality components make it a dependable e-scooter.

Powerful 350w Electric Motor

The Ninebot MAX G30 is powered by a 350w electric motor mounted to the rear axle. This makes it rear-wheel drive. 350w equates to around 0.5hp, which might not sound a lot but is plenty thanks to the instantaneous performance.Ninebot Max G30 Rear motor

The 350w motor was specially developed by Segway-Ninebot to be as reliable and efficient as possible. It’s a dependable and consistent motor that never needs servicing. Feel free to push your Ninebot scooter to the limit and it’ll take it all in its stride.

High-Performance Lithium-ion Battery

The 551Wh (15300mAh) battery has a smart battery management system that prevents overcharging and safely shuts off when fully charged. The battery is enormous for an electric scooter and is more than up to the job of powering the 350w motor.

This Segway scooter is all about MAXIMUM performance and battery life. The 551Wh battery is also engineered to deliver consistent charge time. It should last you two to three years and can be replaced in the future should it need replacing.

Fast Charging

The Ninebot MAX G30 supports 3A and 5A Fast Charging with any 3-pin socket. A 3A charge cable is included with every scooter and the 5A is available separately. It charges to 100% in 6 hours using the standard internal 3A charger.

If you only need a 25% top up, a 3-pin socket will give you it in less than half an hour. This is perfect when commuting or making deliveries. The charging cable can be stored in your bag or you can leave it at home if you’re only nipping out. The 6 hour charge time is fantastic when you consider the size of the battery and the range.

High-Performance Brake System

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a dual brake system. The brake lever is located on the left handlebar. Pull it and the dual brake system kicks in. The front wheel has a drum brake while the rear wheel has an electronic brake.

Ninebot Max G30 front drum Brake by kickmotion

The rear electronic brake still functions even if the front drum brake cable is accidentally severed. The brake system in this Ninebot scooter also has an energy recovery system, so every time you brake, the battery gets recharged. The brake system works extremely well without unbalancing you when you need to make an emergency stop.

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking recovers energy to the battery. It also decelerates your electric scooter when you let off the throttle. This feature is adjustable using the Segway-Ninebot companion app. There are three modes: Weak, Medium, Strong.

Ninebot Max G30 Regenerative Braking System by kickmotion

In Strong mode, the deceleration effect is similar to pulling the brakes with moderate force. In Medium mode, the effect feels like you are pulling the brakes lightly. In Weak mode, your electric scooter will coast and come to a stop by itself.

Tubeless pneumatic tyres

The tubeless pneumatic tyres are fantastic and far superior to regular tyres. These tyres have no inner tube in the tyre and are filled with normal air between 32 and 37 psi. They are heavy-duty, puncture-resistant and deliver high-performance in any weather.

Ninebot Max G30 tyre

The key benefit to the tyres are the puncture prevention layer. This is designed so that in the event of a small penetration puncture, the slime layer will create a seal around the object preventing an immediate flat tyre, hopefully giving you enough time to get back home or to a repair shop.

Another benefit to tubeless pneumatic tyres is the ride quality. The tyres on this Segway scooter deliver a really comfy ride even on tough terrain. They also have a lower rolling coefficient, so they increase range and provide greater efficiency overall.

Manageable Weight

The Ninebot MAX G30 weighs approximately 19.1kg. This is a lot for an e-scooter, but you have to remember it has an enormous battery and a large electric motor. The result is the best electric scooter in terms of performance and weight.

At 19.1kg, most people will be able to carry this Segway Scooter up a flight of stairs without a problem. To fold the scooter, there’s a lever-style clamp on the front that folds the head. The head bar then acts as a convenient carry handle.

Payload Capacity

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a maximum payload capacity of 100kg (220lbs, 15.7 stone) which is on the larger side for an e-scooter. In either Drive or Sport mode the MAX G30 makes easy work of shifting people who weigh 15 stone.

One of the pluses of the MAX G30 weighing 19.1kg is that it rides extremely well with maturity and refinement. If you are on the lighter side, you will appreciate this. If you are on the heavier side, the build quality inspires confidence.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Ninebot MAX G30 has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone. The Segway-Ninebot companion app lets you enter Pedestrian mode, control the rear LED lights, turn cruise control on and off, see what range is left in your battery, and lock and unlock your e-scooter.Ninebot Max G30 App Bluetooth Connectivity

Your MAX G30 will also send distance data to your smartphone so you can see your mileage and average speed. You can also record rides.

Safety Baked In

The Ninebot MAX G30 has a dual and regenerative brake system with an electronic rear brake that functions even if the front brake cable is severed. You can also lock and unlock your e-scooter using the Segway-Ninebot companion app.

You can generate sustainable propulsion for more challenging terrains and the tubeless pneumatic tyres inspire confidence with their comfortable ride. The rear-wheel drive layout is the safest layout and ensures optimal traction.

Water Resistance

The internals of the Ninebot MAX G30 have been tested to IPX7 and the whole e-scooter is tested to IPX5. This means it is protected against rain and puddles so you can safely use it in any weather without damaging the electronics.

The aluminium frame is finished with a durable powder-coating. Powder-coated finishes are more durable than painted finishes and they resist elemental wear better over time. This is a Segway scooter you can safely use all-year round whatever the weather.


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